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Mormonism and the Occult

I have extensive experience in my earlier years in the religion of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. Known commonly as Mormonism.

I recognize that initially upon learning of some of the shady past of Mormonism, I was turned off from religion as a whole. I leaned for a while to complete athiesim.

 This was the next logical step, as Mormonism indoctrinates its people to beleive that it is the one and only true religion. All others have fallacies. So once the foundation crumbles, it is hard to move to another faith or dogma, because those foundations were destroyed early on.

As most people who experience this type of cult indoctrination, mental abuse and then eventual escape, there are the accompanying stages of grief that follow. It is almost like clockwork, and as today the Mormon church is hemoraging members from its rolls, I see this process repeated over and over.

I have been free from cults and religion for many years now, and my perspective is changing. I would never again align myself with a cult or a dogmatic faith, however what I do see now is that spirituality is prevelant in our lives if we let it. There is soemthing to all of the teachings that I learned in my youth.

All religion has something that resonates to us on a deeper level. There is definitely something more to this life and this body than simply us being human animals, walking around in our meat suits, only to die and become worm food. There is something more.

Mormonism began in a strange and fascinating time. Looking to its origins is fascinating from an outside perspective. Inside the church, it is fed to the membership as a watered down version, with only the good and, often, boring aspects, being taught.

The true fascination comes with the real history, unfortunately, this history is damaging to the church and its doctrine for the beleivers.

Here however, we start with the premise that the church is a false religion, and that it has borrowed many of its tenents in whole or part from occult practices, the methodist religion, and various ideas of the 1800s.

Taking this into account makes for the now boring bland religion to actually become quite fascinating.

It is true that by accepting the origins of this religion is damaging for the membership today, and by watering down the original themes and practices of the church has allowed for a growing membership, until recently, if those original themes were still held upfront and clear to the public, the religion would never have been able to go mainstream.  After all, the goal of many, if not most churches is to get money. This would not happen if they could not grow their membership base.

So today's Mormon church may seem like a Disney version of life, with it's bland church buildings scattered across the world, its origins are intriguing.

Joseph Smith, the founder and first president and "prophet" of this orginization is discussed today in the church as wholesome farmboy, with good morals and a zest for truth who came to find it through revelation. Subsequently he formed the church.

In reality he was so entrenched in the occult that he used this as a mechanism to not only recruit new membership, but also to control the membership population, placing him at the head of a cult like organization that left him in power. With money, women and control.

This is a much better story than the quaint farmboy story that is so boring it is embarrassing.

It is no surprise that he created this religion with these themes because he was raised on it. I doubt that he ever worked an honsest day in his life like the hard working farmboy myth promotes. Instead he was a con man, using occult practices to search for hidden treasure. Often conning others into paying him for his services. He even has a court record where he was fined for "glass looking", which is old timey talk for swindling.

His father was a freemason, which is notable, The entire Smith family was raised on these freemasonic themes, even his older brother was named Hyrum. Which is significant because of the history of that name within the masonic organization. (research Hiram Abiff)

Unto the end of his life, Joseph was a freemason. He was murdered, (Mormons will say Martyred) by other masons because he really pissed them off. Not because of his beleifs, as they will state in Mormon church lessons.

His final words before being shot down from a second story window "O Lord, My God..." which is the beginning of the masonic distress call, a precursor to "O Lord My God, is there no help for the widow's son?!"

He was trying to appeal to the other Masons in the mob who came to kill him. No luck, they shot his ass down.

So let's look first at the Mormon Temple ritual.

As a side note, it is significant to remember that there were so many offshoots of mainstream mormonism, not only after Smith's death, but during his reign. Mormonism glances over this fact, but it is significant. There was strife within the organization from the beginning, and although we don't hear much from these organizations today, they exist, have existed, and carry many of the same tenents that were established with the original organization in the early 1800s.

Back to the temple.

The first temple was built in Kirkland Ohio, but it was not the establishment that the temples are today. It seems that the temple rituals were a work in progress. My opinoin is that the current endowmnet ceremony, which is borrowed from freemasonry, was not yet a thing in the early stages of the religion. Probably because the majority of the leadership of the church and the male membership were also freemasons, they had their lodges where they could practice these rituals already. It was not until later that freemasonry was "forgotten" to the point that it is never talked about in church today.

I'm saying, and this is my personal opinion based on what I know and my experience, that the endowment ceremony of the mormon temple was not created because there was no need. That higher stage of enlightenment was already practiced regularly because of the fact that virtually all of the male membership was part of the masonic organization.

I feel the need to state that explicitly here because in my many years of studying this religion both from inside and outside the church organization, this fact is really never mentioned. So you heard it here.

Down the road, through "revelation", Smith and subsequent church presidents have established and evolved the endowment ceremony.

Brigham Young also stated that the church has the "true masonry", meaning they had recieved the correct form of the rituals and practices as they had been practiced, dating back to Solomon.

Of course this is a fallacy. And even today we can see inside of Masonry, there are other lodges and organizations that borrow, modify and create their own organizations. All stating that they are correct in their practice, but the turmoil continues.

I say that they all have the right to be who they want to be, and practice these things the way they want. Masonry differs in Mormonism is that there is no head of the organization to deliver the final say so. The way Mormonism adapted their version of freemasonry is by assuming they had God's direct guidance through a prophet, to practice those rituals with the authority of God himself.

It makes sense, even if it is untrue.

So the Mormon Endowmnet is a freeemasonic ritual. Start to finish. It has changed quite a lot over the years. There are videos online whre you can watch hidden cams record the ceremony. It might look creepy to those who have not been initiated, but it is a regular practice.

Of course the problem for mormons is that up until they are initiated in the endowment they have no idea what really happens in the Temples.

Everyday mormonism is so bland, that it is not terribly unlike any other church. Of course the doctrine is different in places, and the meeting schedule is more intense. But nothing like what happens in a secret organization like freemasonry is ever discussed. No rituals, no strange outfits, no blood oaths, nothing to clue the members in to what will happen once they go to the temple to be endowed.

to be continued,

Trolls and The Occult

I just watched a pretty enjoyable movie by Dreamworks. Trolls is actually a fun flick, with plenty of humor for adults to appreciate while the kids will be fascinated by the visuals, music and story line.

Now on to something a little darker.

Of course we know that Hollywood and those that control the media are pretty fond of encoding themes inside popular films and music. Children's movies are no exception. So when I watched this I had my eyes open for clues to any messages that might pop out to me.

First off, and almost without delay, the Pizzagate scandal popped into my head. The first scene is of the Bergens, a elite race of creatures who get joy from eating trolls. They do so in a ritual once a year that they have named Trolstice. Of course this is an easy one. It is almost blaring in the theme.

But why would such a dark theme be part of a childrens story? Granted, the movie ends well, and honestly, they do their best to make the film positive overall, even with the dark theme throughout.

But ritual eating of smaller creatures, the trolls, by the larger troll-like Bergens is so on par with the child abuse that we hear about from people like David Icke.

Going through some of the threads and blogs on what these ritualistic practices entail, it is hard to argue that this theme in the movie is meant to represent anything else.

This won't stop me from watching films like this, but having the knowledge in my back pocket when I watch is a helpful tool to really get what message is being pushed our way.

A Conversation w/ Flat Earth Math re: 5 Facts About The Earth

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Waking up to reality

Waking up to reality is bittersweet. Once you are woke , there really is only one direction to go. One must continue to go forward, because going back to sleep is simply not an option.

I find that over the years, I was experiencing the stages of grief, which was hard enough on its own, but compiled with life's everyday challenges, it pushed me to the edge.

I survived it all of course . But now I've surpassed the grief, and now I'm on a steady diet of truth seeking behavior.

It makes life difficult at times because I'm forced to sift through every detail of daily life to stay functional.
Watching the news with others? I have to simply bite my tongue and let them absorb the lies because they are just not ready to hear the truth that lies beneath.

Discussing history is even more difficult. Knowing the truth is so obscured by propaganda makes it hard to simply accept what is printed in textbooks or pumped out on tv,'or portrayed in movies .

And on the topic of movies... it is so hard to not shout out when I'm watching a flick and I notice some symbolism encoded on the script, or the backdrop.

I wouldn't change it for anything, but being awake to the truth is hard.

For me it began with 9-11. I know that was the gateway for a lot of people. It's an easy one .

Of course 10 years ago I was convinced it was just a false flag done by the bush administration. Today of course I know that there is so much more.

If we are in fact much more than these meat wagons , and are in fact luminous beings in this constructed reality, we have the potential to truly understand the complexity of the world we are part of. It's an adventure worth taking.

I say that magic is real, and the occult nature of our belief systems is enough to start with. The truth really is out there. I will keep my mind open as I search for the completeness of it

Please check out THC Podcast

I've been a fan and listener of the Higherside Chats podcast for the last few years. It came at the right time for me. I had been searching for something to fill the void that was left by some of the shows that were popular at the time. For example, I loved Coast to Coast but it left me more frustrated than pleased most of the time. The hard questions weren't being asked, the commercial breaks were ruining the show. It was becoming painful.

And as my journey to become enlightened and awake to what is really going on has progressed, I needed more. A lot more. THC was coming along and growing with me , or so it felt. The shows were always right on time, the topics were the missing pieces.

Today's version of THC is evolved. Better than it has ever been: and I can only hope that it continues.

I tell people about this show. The people I know are waking up. The people who need to hear it. So if you are on this page and still haven't given THC a listen, please check it out. You won't regret it.

Go to

Alternative Reality

Lately I've been wondering if we might all just be in a manufactured reality like the matrix. Who is to say we are not? And How would we even know?

When concepts like the Mandela effect present themselves I have to ask the question. Because it's not just some novelty. I remember specifics that apparently never existed. And I've asked other people what they remember, and again they remember things that never existed.

Are we all wrong? Is our collective recollection just incorrect, or was there a glitch in the program that allowed some of us to retain memory of previous versions of the software. What really is real?

When you take into account some of the flat earth arguments that are taking the internet by storm, you have to ask , where the hell are we?

I don't know if I'm a flat earther. I don't know that the flat earth argument is valid. But I do respect the way they question the scientific dogma that has dominated our thinking for years. Space is certainly not what we have been told. But is our earth?

If it is in fact flat, then where is it ? What is above and what is below? Are we in a dome? Like a terrarium? Or is it more like a computer program with our conscience uploaded like an extreme video game?

Is there a creator? Or a god? There must be an architect or a conglomerate of engineers who put this together. So then is that a case for intelligent design?

Clearly the evolutionists do not have a case except for the weak arguments they have presented to date. And the academic community conveniently overlooks facts and archeology that contradicts their position.

So what the hell is our world? Is it a simulation? Or is it a fish bowl? Or is it a planet in space?

We know we have been lied to. But then what is the truth? I personally don't know. But spotting the lies.

What possibly could be happening is that we are indeed on a flat plane. But that plane is in fact under observation by higher powers who are responsible for the upkeep and the progress. Sometime in the last 20 years something happened. Our brains collectively have started waking up. People are asking the questions without getting the answers, but nevertheless the questions are getting asked.

And in these last 20 years a glitch happened. Maybe it was what 2012 was really about. Maybe that is why we have the Mandela effect so prevalent in our minds. Maybe we are given the scenarios in which we live but not in control. Maybe our minds are fighting back and rediscovering memories that should have remained hidden from us.

Maybe in death we will see what really is on the other side

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Word is spreading - Flat Earth is the new truth - SW83 - Mark Sargent

Dinosaurs Could be BS

By now most of you have heard of the arguments for Dinosaurs being a complete and utter fabrication.

Which is fascinating.

Previously, I was in the camp with the supposed smart folks. The kind that looked at religion with snarky attitudes, and had a bit of arrogance towards anyone who said dinosaurs were not real.

And at the time is was easier. Science had, and has become the religion of many. Even though every day we are finding fault with scientific theory and the intellectuals who support it.

That is not to say that science as a concept is bad. But until a theory is proven, we really need to look harder at the evidence out there. Case in point, the big bang theory. Who really fucking knows what happened. They are guessing at best, and have no way to show proof for theories like that.

Dinosaurs fall in to that same camp. Sure there are bones, and sure they are discovering unknown fossils. But when you look at the circumstances of the digs that began the whole dino craze, too many questions are left unanswered.

Not to mention that the public has yet to see legit Dino bones. What we have is a mixture of man made casts, fake skulls and proposed species based on faulty findings. Toss in questionable dating methods for these discoveries and what we are left with is Hollywood creations and children's books with creatures and artists renditions of these animals.

WE absolutely do not know if they existed. We absolutely do not have the understanding to date to say for certain what kind of life dominated this planet before humans arrived.

I won't laugh at dinosaur deniers any more. I will keep an open mind. Because for me, I can honestly say that I just don't know.

Flat Earth Q&A Emails 14 - Mark Sargent

035: A-Z Questions from Subs in this Grand Illusion

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Crrow777 and the Mystery of our Moon

My Thoughts on Crrow777

Lately I have given Crrow777 a second chance, and I am glad I did.

I first heard him on the Higherside Chats a few years ago when he was brought on to discuss the lunar wave. It was an interesting show to say the least, but I had a hard time swallowing the concepts Crrow777 was saying. Mostly because he was so cagey with his thoughts that it made it hard to really get an idea what the guy was all about.

I think to judge the guy based on that first interview is premature.

Now he runs a podcast of his own, the majority of which is on YouTube. Honestly, he is a man after my own heart. His ideas and intuition is on par with what I would expect from a serous conspiracy researcher.

He definitely has something to say and it is something worth listening to. The guy has some experience in the world that serves him in a way to give him a unique perspective on events and occurrences that are of interest to our community.

Also, on his own shows, he has opened up much more than he did in the past on the THC podcast, and subsequent articles he wrote for Greg Carlwood on the THC website. Both of which just did not have the muscle behind the ideas that were needed. But now, as he has evolved as a web personality, his mind is showcased in a way that is both interesting and easy to listen to.

I am very glad that I gave Crroww777 a second chance. The information he presents is worth it.

010- Windows 10 the operating system/virus loaded on you without permission

Pizzagate on SNL

Saturday Night Live recently did a sketch on their comedy news segment where they referred to the pizzagate scandal as fake news. They didn't just say it once. But several times during the sketch.

What are we left to believe. Mainstream television of course would refer to something so obscure by their standards as fake news.

For those of us in the conspiracy theory circles, something of this nature is not only expected by now, it is more and more common as we expose the world's elite and their secret practices.

Referring to the topic as a fake news report works for comedy's sake, but it is also disingenuous because comedy is also the forum where fringe ideas and controversy can be discussed and laughed at. We've seen it from guys like Chappelle, Carlin, Hicks and Rogan. We've come to expect it from alot of those guys. And for the most part, their comedy writing is good.

And while the SNL sketch was funny, the reference to the pizzagate was gratuitous and unfunny. It felt forced in a way that showed that they obviously wanted to reinforce the mainstream take on the events to solidify the idea that the pizzagate was nothing more than a fake story.

It is hard to dismiss the idea entirely as a fake news story, when researches like David Seaman, and others have been working tirelessly to expose the content of the controversy. Add to that, we know that many elite have long held weird rituals and fetishes as part of their own twisted culture.

There is too many coincidences involving the main players in the story to really beleive that this doesn't at least have some truth to it. Too many weird connections.

SNL is making a comeback as a decent comedy show. But this blatant effort to dismiss alternative media in their efforts to expose the truth is not funny. It is just sad.

For more on the pizzagate scandal, take a listen to the episode of the Higherside Chats with David Seaman. I have re blogged it here on this site.

Guest Authors

Im now able to add contributors to this blog, including other profiles.

Rogan Says Flat Earthers Are Trolling Us

On the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, multiple times, Joe has claimed that flat earth advocates are nothing more than trolls working on the Internet to agitate the rest of us with their wild conspiracy theory.

He has also gone so far as to say that by doing so, and by creating YouTube videos and racking up the view count, those video creators are now open to advertisers who will pay good money for the views.

Thus by creating wildly outlandish videos, those creators are making a good living with the gig.

Come on Joe, you know this is crap.

People making Flat Earth videos are not just doing so for the money. The ridicule would be too much. I submit that if money is their only object, then they would have found another avenue to promote view count on YouTube. Like pulling stunts or girls with big butts.

Exposing yourself as a believer in flat earth is ballsy enough. People are going to look at you like a crazy person. I doubt this is the choice that every one who has entered this realm is happy with. But when seeking truth, often times there is a period of uncomfortablilty. And friends are lost.

What I see in the flat earth movement is something spectacular. I definitely do not agree with what NASA has given us as doctrine. So Flat Earth has answers to that.

I myself am still an earth shape agnostic at the moment. Only because I cannot say for certain that all of this is not some holographic reality like a video game. So in that case the earth shape is not an issue.

What i DO know is that the pictures of the Earth from space given to us by the space agencies of the world are absolute fakes. Admittedly composite pictures.

And what I do know is that Antarctica is not explored to this day.

So we do not know what lies out beyond the limits of the ice wall. And we do not know what this earth really looks like.

We all want answers. We all want truth. And we are all on the journey to something better.

Where that will take us is still up for debate, but by dismissing flat earthers so furiously as Joe has done on so many occasions is disingenuous. It is not something I would expect from someone who advocates forward thinking as he does.

He himself has said that on DMT he has had his whole view on the universe questioned. Someone who has experienced that can for sure understand that those of us who question the nature of the universe as explained to us by NASA and the education establishment are not crazies.

He has had researchers on his show who he agrees with, people like Graham Hancock, who questions the official history of the world.

We all know that something is not right. Joe knows it. So why is he fighting so hard against people who question this world as it has been taught to us until now.

I think Joe will come around. If not publicly, he will have a shift in his thinking soon enough. Possibly he will need to face those demons in his private life, as he works to figure out where he stands on supporting the official narrative and the movement for truth.

I still have faith in Joe Rogan.  I would love to see him come back to the fold of truth seekers who are not afraid to explore topics that make the rest of society uncomfortable.

We need truth. We don't need fear.

The Higherside Chats Has Evolved

Frequently I have posted shows from the THC podcast, because Greg Carlwood has become one of the best interviewers there is when it comes to fringe topics and conspiracy. And the fact that he thoroughly researches his topics before he brings his guests on the show is something special.

If there is any show out there worth listening to, in order to explore new ideas and topics not discussed on corporate controlled mainstream radio, for sure check out Carlwood's Higherside Chats podcast.

You won't be disappointed. And I want to see the show grow and grow. It's the best thing we have at the moment

Is there really magic in the world?

For a moment, ignore the term in popular culture and the use of the word magic to describe fantastic scenarios.

Of course we hear the word magic used to describe events that really carry no supernatural elements but are amazing none the less.

"That fireworks show at Disney was magical" or "watching Jordan play in his prime was pure magic". Or whatever. Shit happens that is truly amazing but it falls within the realm of the physical world. We say it's magic but no one really means that there is some unseen power at play. We are just using language to describe some incredible stuff.

So when magic happens, in our lives, is it real? Is it natural phenomena? Have we seen something impossible, or something explainable.

Is magic real?

#Pizzagate Posts are up

I did a hasty reblog of several videos covering Pizzagate. I expect that they will soon be removed from Youtube so check them out now before the cover up wipes away the research.

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The Joe Rogan Flip Part Two

This topic needs a little more discussion than was covered in the last post. So here we go.

It is probably the strangest thing in the conspiracy community to see someone who has conviction and the information and the intelligence go from being a hardcore advocate for uncovering a conspiracy, to flipping completely to support the main stream lie in favor of the event.

This is exactly what Joe Rogan did, and it has left a lot of us asking why. Even one of his close friends, Eddie Bravo, asked him point blank on a podcast episode..."WHAT HAPPENED?"

He wanted to know what occurred to create that dramatic flip.

I admire Eddie for his passion to question mainstream lies and trying to keep an open mind. The cover ups are real. Anyone with eyes to see knows this. If you chose to be blind that is on you. And there is no real excuse for that anymore. The information and the ability to research these topics is easier and easier. Mainly due to the Internet and the abundance of information on just about every topic under the sun.

The thing I have noticed when Eddie gets on a rant discussing any conspiracy theory on Joe's show is that two things happen.

First, Eddie gets really worked up, and his ability to vocalize and assert his points gets muddied. I can accept that. He may not be the most eloquent speaker under pressure, but he definitely has the passion and the information. And he certainly has spent the time looking into the topics he brings up. The downside is that his points come across slightly unclear to the listener. If you are already versed in the topics he discusses, it is tolerable, because you know what he is trying to say, and it's easy enough to understand what he means. But to the every day person who has no exposure to these theories it may seem like incoherent ranting.

Second, Joe knows what Eddie is saying. And Joe is a professional interviewer. He knows how to help his guests along when they struggle. He also knows how to control the conversation and maneuver it to his liking. He does this with Eddie. He will deflect the conversation and steer it away from the topics when he wants. He let's Eddie work himself up on things like 9-11, then plays devils advocate to propose a false sense of balance to the argument. However when Eddie begins to dig into topics that show NASA lies, or theories that really question the paradigm, such as Flat Earth, Joe immediately takes control and mocks the ideas or controls the conversation completely away from the topic.

That is not to say that Rogan has not brought up Flat Earth Theory multiple times on his own, over the course of his podcast episodes. I count at least 10 times that the topic has come up on the Joe Rogan Experience.

At first Joe's responses to the idea were that of mockery. Mocking the concepts and mocking the people who are looking into the topic. In recent conversations he has slightly changed his tone. But only so slightly.

What seems to happen now is that Joe will allow the discussion of Flat Earth. He won't advocate for it, but he let's the topic be discussed on his show. It almost feels that he knows something but won't dare take the side of Flat Earth because that would be devistating to his career. He has to play the part and continue to advocate for NASA, and the globe earth. But maybe inside he knows something is not right. The problem is he has already taken sides. And he can't flip again. So his best approach is to bring the topic up to his audience, for no other reason than to get the ideas out there.

And his audience is massive. That is a lot of people who were exposed to the theory inadvertently. Undoubtedly many of them have been now researching the topic on their own because of it. So maybe, just maybe, Joe wants that. He doesn't want to hide the information. But he can't take sides because of his celebrity, his sponsors, his career...and what ever other reason he may have.

Joe and his staff have obviously watched many of the key videos and read some of the work on Flat Earth theory by some of the best in the community. Mark Sargent, Eric Dubay and others. And watching their videos, one has no other option than to seriously consider the veracity of the theory. They have done good work and their information is great.

Joe has definitely seen these videos and he knows something is up.

I wonder if he regrets flipping for the cause of NASA lies this early in his career. Maybe he had to. Maybe something happened behind the scenes we don't know about. But Joe is the kind of guy who generally has an open mind. So it would be foolish to assume that he doesn't consider these theories in depth.

I'll keep listening to his shows to see if the topic comes up again. I'm definitely curious to see how it will evolve in his podcast. It might be the beginning of change.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Joe Rogan Flip

One of the top podcasts in iTunes is the JRE experience podcast, with host, Joe Rogan. If you are a podcast aficionado, then for sure you have come across the show at least once.

Overall it is a great podcast and a great format. A three hour uncensored conversation with a guest. Exploring new ideas and concepts, and often it is just humorous enough to keep things light when they need to be, but not so trivial that serious concepts are neglected. In fact, that show is responsible for my exploration into many fringe topics and ideas, and to this day, I still consider it a resource.

However my personal admiration for the show has dropped a few pegs in recent past. I feel it’s more than justified, in light of the content he has put out recently.

Some background on Joe and his show to help understand this shift in opinion:

In the past Joe was an advocate for exposing NASA lies, specifically the moon landing hoax. In fact he was winning debates with just about anyone who wanted to confront him on the topic. 

He was die hard when it came to the issue of whether the moon missions were a hoax or not. To quote Joe from a few years ago: “There’s NO WAY we went to the moon, there's no way.”

He was adamant. He had conviction. And he had the information to back up his arguments in the debates he took on. It was admirable.

That was Joe from a few years ago. Then something happened. I don’t know exactly what it was but he did a complete flip on the topic. 

He now believes, (at least as he says in interviews and podcasts recently) that the missions all happened according to the NASA official story. We went to the moon, played golf, drove the rover around and took a phone call from president Nixon in the oval office to the lunar lander. 

What is the more unbelievable premise? I’m in the camp of the moon landings being 100 percent staged hoaxes. I can’t say what the reason was, but I can say with confidence that it was all faked. I don’t believe for a minute that it happened the way NASA said. I don’t believe it happened at all.

Some more background on Joe. He is an advocate of psychedelics and has stated that his perspective on the universe and what is real has expanded. He is definitely agnostic to concepts like intelligent design, and the nature of reality. He has quite an open mind when it comes to concepts of the unknown in most cases. He was even quite the conspiracy buff for quite a long time. 

Then two things took place in his career where a noticeable flip in his opinion took place.

One was his interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson. And one was his short lived show on the Syfy network.

The first instance he discussed the moon landings with Tyson. He let Tyson off easy with his explanations of what supposedly happened. Tyson offered up some pretty basic responses that any rookie moan hoax advocate could have torn apart if they really wanted. Joe chose not to hit those softballs out of the park. Instead he barely argued. It was almost as if he was starstruck by Tyson. Almost as if he thought Tyson was intellectually superior, because of his reputation. Even though to this day, I have yet to hear Tyson say anything profound that would make me think he is anything more than an actor and a mouthpiece for the science establishment. Nothing in his language or behavior makes me think he is smarter than me or the majority of the population. Only his supposed credentials say otherwise. 

The show that Joe did on SyFy was supposedly a conspiracy exploration show. “Joe Rogan Questions Everything” it was called. It was in essence a conspiracy debunking show. And it was just not very good. I was disappointed to say the least.

There was a third instance that comes to mind. I didn't lump it in with the two major turning points because it leans on the side of minor instances, however it was enough to make an impact on me. 

Joe interviewed a CIA agent on his podcast. The guy said he was sure that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the Kennedy assassination.  Even if you are not a conspiracy guy, the Kennedy assasination is such a murky event that even ordinary every day main stream media people have questions on the official story.  When the agent said this, Joe gave him a pass and didn't press for more. It was such an obvious awkward exchange that it was painful to listen to. Why would he back off so easily in these events when we all know from his past that he is more than capable to drive that conversation any way he chooses. In all three of those circumstances he let things slide instead of pressing for some real interaction. Disappointing to say the least.

What it shows me is that one of our forward thinkers chose to stifle his ability to press for real answers and call for truth in the face of deciet. Where one of the best advocates for intelligent thinking changed his position, and played dumb in the face of subject matter experts. It was obvious through the interactions that Joe was feigning modesty in the level of his intelligence and understanding. The Joe from a few years ago would have mopped the floor with those guests on his shows. He has the ability and the comprehension. He chose not to. And many people want to know why.

It may be the only time in conspiracy theory culture that someone has changed their position so dramatically in favor of the main stream explanation of questionable events. Once you start to unravel a conspiracy, it is impossible to change your mind in favor of the main steam explanations, if you are being honest with yourself. It just doesn't happen. Until it did, in Joe Rogan's case.

It is curious that this flip happened after/during the interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Tyson is such an obvious shill that it is sickening to watch him parade around on the show circuit. He's more of an actor who vomits main stream talking points in order to package “science” as a cool hip part of the establishment dogma. For an astrophysicist he certainly doesn't sound or act like a guy who has profound answers to some of the universes mysteries. Just like Bill Nye, who started his career in comedy but now is the face of “science”, I believe that Tyson is just an actor. Someone is parading him around as a spokesman for the cause. 

Did someone get to Joe before the interview with Tyson? If Tyson is backed by the establishment, it's not inconceivable that those same powers gave Joe the hard choice in order to be able to entertain Tyson on his podcast show. Play ball or you're out. 

The Syfy show followed the painful interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson. Where Joe explores the bread and butter of conspiracy topics. Basically the most basic of the conspiracy world. Bigfoot, UFOs and the like. 

It was silly and no real investigation took place. But I'm sure some checks were cashed and Rogans career is booming. His podcast is still top of the charts and he still seems to be making some good money and living well. Not bad for a mediocre comedian.

I don't mean to put the guy down. Honestly, I respect the guy and his work ethic. I admire his insights on many topics. I find motivation from his shows and I think there is still some value there. I am just dissapointed and frustrated that the conspiracy world has lost such a great advocate who had potential to bring some momentum at a high profile level to the truth movement.

Maybe it's just not possible to have that kind of celebrity in our corner. Maybe once it reaches that level, the controlling powers find a way to silence it. Maybe it is impossible to reach that level of fame and success and still move against the grain of the powers that be. 

And maybe deep down Joe still has a desire for the truth. Even if he is not able to advocate for it anymore. 

But it won't stop the rest of the truth seekers out there.

Open your eyes