Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jesus used black magic

I hope I got your attention. And here is why. Jesus lived, but perhaps he was not the man society thinks him to be.

Divine son of god? From immaculate conception? I tend to think not. But the truth is probably even more intriguing than any fan fiction that came out after he died.

We get the gospels in the Bible, and we now have access to additional gospels that give us a more complete picture. Mainstream Christianity however is stuck in a place where they can't see the forest for the trees, because the deep esoteric meanings behind the stories tell us more than we initially understand, because it is both an esoteric and an esoteric message.

Jesus spent his youth in Egypt. It all starts with Egypt. From there we get the mystery schools and the magical practices. Before we meet Jesus in the gospel when he is about to begin his ministry, we have a gap of time.

That time was filled with learning, studying and practicing the art and the occult in Egypt. Jesus was not born the Christ. He became one. As can we all. The Christ is a state of being. The Christ consciousness is akin to Buddha , and all the other enlightened beings that have achieved the highest level. It may take years and it make take multiple lifetimes. But after we reach it, we can move on to the next level of the game

Jesus practiced black magic. Why you ask? Well first let me explain that magic is neither light nor dark. It is simply the force, like yoda taught to Luke. It is how we use it that gives it its flair.

The ability to manifest a reality through magical practice is real. We can change our circumstances through this power. There is no luck, it is only the residue of the right hard work. And often that work is in the subconscious.

Aligning with higher powers, beings not of this physical world is a form of magical practice.

Jesus the mystic was an expert in this as we learn through the gospels. Exorcising demons and commanding spirits. Moving entities into the bodies of pigs. Healing through ritual. Meditation so deep that he left his physical body and walked and talked with the devil.

These are not fantasy. These are possible events that only a practiced magician can accomplish.

What I intend to research and write about here going forward are ideas and concepts dealing with the complex issue of Jesus the mystic, who then became the Christ.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Learning to think magically again

When I joined the order, I didn't know what to expect exactly.

What I did know was that I was in need of life changes, improvements and peace.

I had been reintroduced to magical thinking. In a very real sense. Not a Harry Potter brand of magic, but the type of magic where my subconscious can manifest very real physical outcomes in my life.

The Builders Of The Adytum is an order that caught my eye. I joined. I performed the initiation. It was a ritual meant to be performed alone, in order to set apart the mind towards the path and become a traveler in the journey of life towards an end goal of becoming more enlightened into the concepts of mysticism and occult understanding.

It was perhaps one of the most important steps into my occult education and my spiritual progress.

One of the first lessons taught me by the order was perhaps one of the most life changing. And the magic worked.

What I can discuss is the concepts of the practice, however the specific end goal I will reserve to myself for the moment.

I was in a situation that was miserable day to day in my life. It was causing very real stress, physical pain and depression.

On the outset, anyone might look at my situation at the time and think that the factors causing my misery should be addressed to create a solution.

And perhaps that might have worked. Perhaps not.  And in the moment, I did not feel that there was anything I could do outwardly to change those circumstances. I honestly felt trapped. Clawing at the walls of the pit trying to get to the surface in a hopeless effort because there was no way to achieve that in the traditional ways.

Lesson one in the BOTA curriculum solved that. Not instantly. It requires work. In my case it required months of work.

The magic practice I did was simple. Concise. And very precise.

I set down an intention. A very specific one. Dealing with my problem. What could be done? I can't change others, but I could start with myself. I focused, wrote down the intentions of what I was to become. The things that I needed to manifest in my self. To become that version of my self that I needed to become. A version of self that did not suffer from these problems.

I was faithful and consistent. I did the work. I did the magic.

And then fell apart.


And that was exactly the solution to the problem.

Everything felt lost in the moment and I felt like a failure. My magic failed. I failed. Only it didn't.

It was only the baptism by fire. A necessary step in the process to rebuild.

And the recovery was not only worth it, it was fast. The suffering was necessary to be that Phoenix out of the ashes.

The reward was completely magical. And it was real. Physically real. Without knowing the work and the process I went through, one might chalk it up to good fortune. But I know that the subconscious is a tool. It has power. It can heal, it can grow, it can create.

We are not physical beings having spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience .

On to the next goal

Soundcloud audio content is in the works

What brought me to the occult

Research into the occult began for me from a curiosity and a desire for knowledge. I had no idea it would take me this path when I started. I wondered what secrets I could uncover, and without a doubt I did discover quite a lot.

The path was unfolding on its own, and opportunities presented themselves.