Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finding Hope In A Corrupt World

I notice that a lot of people get caught up in the political divide and feel the need to be part of one team or another. Right wing or left wing. Good or bad. Whatever it is. People gravitate to groups that make them feel accepted.

It's natural and it's not bad thing in many cases.

However in the case of politics, it is not a healthy environment. The current political mode is created to divide us. The powers behind it all have manufactured the anger and fear so that they can manipulate the population.

One must step outside the paradigm to realize this and to find peace.

If you were one of those who felt the world was coming to an end when Trump won the election, or even if you were a Trump supporter, and instead you felt like this is now the time when we can expect true change, then you have mentally given the office of president too much power.

The system in place is just a show. It's a magic trick. They use illusions and manipulations to cause reactions. And that show is in full force.

The only way to keep our energy on an even keel is to realize that the show is taking place. Like the stage magician, his show would carry no value if the audience knew how the trick worked. The political stage is no different.

I know that when you first wake up to the conspiracies happening around the world, at first it can be depressing. It can ve scary to realize. That is a natural emotion. You just can't stop there.

I have felt all those emotions too. I was angry and sad for a long time at what I saw happening .

But there is hope. We as. Group must maintain hope to keep it going. Ignorance is bliss, but none of us would really want to go back once we have gone down the rabbit hole. It is now just a matter of learning to control outcomes.

For me it is learning to use that same magic to control the outcomes in my own life. The faith and power of my own self and my own higher consciousness is my way out.

The fear mongering in the media has no power over me. I am in control. I practice the magic of truth. I encourage all to do the same

Monday, January 30, 2017

Flat Earth Brought God Back

If you have been in the conspiracy theory community for any amount of time, you have come across the resurgence of the flat earth theory.

In the last two years there has been a palpable energy in this realm, and for me it's a little surprising how much steam this movement has. I remember first hearing the case for the flat earth on the THC podcast a couple years ago. And from that moment I noticed it popping up all over. YouTube searches for the flat earth are ranking high, and mainstream shows are taking notice.

I remain earth shape agnostic to this day, but I embrace the power behind the flat earth theory because it is questioning the establishment, especially NASA. We are smart enough to know that we have been lied to. We just may not have all the answers yet.

No matter what the case ends up to be in reality, there is one thing I am certain of.

The flat earth brought God back.

When you believe NASA, you believe that the world was created almost by accident. You believe that the world is nothing more than one more rock spinning through infinite space. You believe that the only reason we are here now is because we managed to survive and evolve in a Darwinian fashion.

But once you take on the idea that the establishment has lied to us, and that the world is not what we have been led to believe, a new energy takes hold.

If the earth truly is flat, and our world is nothing more than an enclosed system, then we then realize that there must have been a creating force. Maybe there was one creator. Maybe there was a group. But some power somewhere built this thing and made it so specific that it is what it is.

A flat plane, so cleverly crafted that we have a firmament above to keep us in, and a barrier around us to keep us from leaving the plane. We are in an enclosed world.

It may not be a flat earth. It may be something even more involved. Something like a matrix like simulation. But the concept of a creator still holds true.

If we are not on a rock hurling through an infinite space, then we are in a created universe that was made specifically for us. Someone built this thing with intent.

The first leap so many conspiracy theory buffs take is to lean toward atheism in the early days of exploring and researching these ideas. But it all comes full circle when you realize you are living in a created habitat.

Something had a plan.

That something we can call God.

What is the nature of God?

I don't know. I don't know if it is a being, or an energy, or a conglomerate. I just don't know.

But it is reassuring to feel that in truth we are not alone. We are part of something.

For me it has led to a path of studying the esoteric and the magic that exists in the world.

It is there. It always has been. Modern society made it seem like something in fantasy and science fiction. But it is there. We can all tap into it. The force is real.

We are higher beings, having a temporal human experience. If we can tap into that higher self and learn to control it, with pure intentions, we can become powerful. We can achieve the Christ consciousness.

I love the energy in the world today, because people are waking up. Many are not ready for these higher concepts. They will be in time. For now, it might be easier for them to start with simplistic ideas , like 9-11, or Sandy Hook. Maybe even the moon landing hoax. Or the laundry list of simple conspiracy theories out there. But those are like mental exercise. The more they research, the stronger their mental muscle becomes.

They can begin to see that there are many things that were not true. And even something like 9-11 is a much deeper conspiracy than most realize.

Bush brought down the towers? Sure, but what if they began to realize the towers were representative of a ritual. The towers and the date for them to be destroyed was planned long before Bush. And there is occult meaning behind many of the things that have occurred right before their eyes.

There is real power in the world. There is real magick. And those who are in power of this world try to make the population think that it's all fantasy and ridiculous. Meanwhile they themselves are trying to master it.

We as a people need to take that control back and use it for positive things.

We need to achieve higher consciousness.

The more the flat earth theory grows, the more people will rediscover God.

I think the power shift is coming back to the people. Soon.

Flat Earth Does Not Contradict the Hollow Earth

It is impossible to assume anything that NASA has presented to the public is fact. The case for fraud and deception is far stronger than any nonsense they put out to the media.

Including the shape of the Earth.

The flat earth argument is taking on a new force in the last few years. It is almost the hundred monkey effect. Its growing exponentially and that is a good thing.

I remain earth shape agnostic, because although the flat earth model does carry some weight, and the case for the argument is stronger than the fabricated images of the round earth from NASA, I see the possibility for something else all together.

We just don't know, at least, I don't know at this point, what our world actually looks like.

On that note, some people feel that the idea of hollow earth can't also exist if the flat model is the truth. I strongly disagree.

If indeed the world is flat, and in a construct, like a celestial terrarium, then there is nothing to prevent a hollow world from existing beneath our surface.

To that point, who is to say that we are not inside a hollow earth now?  If the firmament is high enough and the journey to the edge is too difficult to get to, as it is in Antarctica, then it is entirely possible that we are living inside something else. Inside a constructed world.

Even if that is not the case, there is nothing preventing anything from being below us.

The deepest humans have dug in modern times is somewhere around 9 miles. That's it. So all the cross section graphics of the inside of the earth that you see in school textbooks is nothing more than guesswork. We just don't know what is below us.

When you look into manyof the myths and religious texts from around the world, there are references to a world below us. It would be interesting to see what modern explorations can find out in the coming years.

But as a certainty, I can say that the flat earth model does not exclude the idea of a possible hollow earth.

Please leave your comments below!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Higher Conciousness

If we look at who we are in this world, we might be inclined to think we are just an evolved ape in many respects. A creature who, through evolution, developed a higher form of intelligence, but at it's core, a simple animal. Like an ape.

That mode of thinking might be promoted in conventional learning in schools however I strongly disagree with that notion. I do not think we are simply evolved apes. I instead have come to believe that we were created. Evolution is still just a theory, and the more I look at it, the more it makes no sense.

If we are to believe that we are animals, and through Darwinian evolution we came to be the top of the food chain, then there is information missing.  We are not the strongest, we are not the most adept creatures to survive harsh weather and environment. In fact, if we were left alone in the wild without tools, we might die from exposure or as the victim of a predator in time, without having had the chance to use our superior intellect to create a safe dwelling or tools or weapons.

We as humans are not made to fit into this world. We must have been made to rule it. And placed here. Who placed us here? God.

What is God? That I still do not know. I do not know if that is a literal figure or another concept all together. But whatever the creator is, he enabled mankind to survive this experiment. And most likely he created this form that we take on. This body of flesh.

WE are so much more than an intelligent ape. There is nothing to suggest that we are at all the same as the wild creatures we are so often compared to.

Maybe we do have similar body structures but the differences are vast.

So here we are, intelligent creatures in a place we don't belong.

When I look at comparative mythology and comparative religion, I see creation stories that all agree with each other. Maybe not in the smaller details, but in the bigger picture, we as humankind were created by a creator. Someone greater than us. And then we were placed here to live and experience and learn.

If I take a scientific lens and study these ideas I might think that the creator was a higher species that bio-engineered humankind through some sort of DNA splice so that we became the creatures we are today. Bypassing traditional evolution to arrive at the top of the food chain. Placed in a position of power over the rest of the animal kingdom.

Even without the scientific lens, that idea seems to be the most realistic. We have been created and placed in our current position. Traditional evolution theory would not work, as we as humankind would not have survived this long. We had help.

So taking that into account, it is fair to say that this world was created or provided for us. This is for us. It is no accident, it is no big bang. It is not out of chaos that created order. We are the end goal of this world.

Everything is connected. There is a "Force" as Hollywood portrayed on the screen in the Star Wars movies. Something does bind us, and it is in everything. The water around us, the plants, the air.

I believe we can tap into that energy and become part of it. We can manipulate it. We can harness that power.

I am no master of these things, and I don't profess to be. But I do know that this power is real. I wrote a post earlier about mastering one system first. In my case, I grew up with a Christian background. There is some "magick" there. There is healing, and power, and the ability to manifest our own outcomes through the mental focus that we call faith.

Once I found that the church I subscribed to was based on lies, that faith was gone. But only temporally, Because I learned that the underlying teachings were based on truths. The modern churches are guilty of corrupting those truths.

But the man who prays in ignorant faith is able to get what he desires. Is this any less magick than the person who understands the esoteric truths and practices the rituals needed to manifest reality around him?

It is all magick. It is real.

So by mastering one system first is a great avenue to become more powerful.

I will say that the intent must be pure. There cannot be selfishness inside this medium. It is about becoming enlightened. Not for selfish gain.

But like the dark side of the force, those things can be achieved through shortcuts. But in the end it will not lead to fulfillment. It is a matter of achieving higher consciousness and achieving the enlightenment of the Christ consciousness.

The power is based on the mind. The power of the mind is more than the muscles. But it is not a practice that we learn in our society. Only through the esoteric and the occult that we learn the true ability of our souls.

I am on that path. I want to become the true master. I want to help others. I know enough to know that we are more than smart monkeys. We are higher beings having a temporal experiences. It is time to expose the divine inside all of us

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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Joseph Campbell--Myth As the Mirror for the Ego

Invisible Entities & Secret Power - Manly P Hall

Graham Hancock Gnosticism and Ayahuasca

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Leaving Religion To Find The Truth on Dominant Yoga Radio

Leaving Religion To Find Truth

The link above will take you to a podcast episode from Dominant Yoga Radio that ties in nicely with the last several posts about Mormonism and the occult.

The caller is sharing with us his own journey from various forms of Christianity to his present state as one who is seeking esoteric knowledge.

Part of that journey took him through Mormonism. I found his perspective very familiar, in spite of the fact that he had not been able to participate in the temple endowment rituals of Mormonism, but he definitely knew what went on. His perspective and life journey is something worth sharing.

So go check out that episode and enjoy. Be sure to leave a comment on the site!

Have a great night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Flat Earth frees you from the globe prison - SW88 - Mark Sargent ✅

Controlling Outcomes

Synchronicity is a real phenomenon. I beleieve that the power of the event drives the event. That is to say that when the mind is focused on on thing, there is power. It draws in to it other things to support that focus.

This of course can be for positive and for negative. When you have bad things happen to you, you may find that more bad things are happening to you. Like attracts like.

We all feel it. A bad day has numerous events within it that seem to make it a culminating event of negativity.

"I wish this day would just end!"

You've said it. You've heard it. Negative attracts more of the same. When it rains it pours.

But then again so can the positive. Good things can also follow good things. A great day, or when "you're in the zone" and things just happen the way they should.

So when I am seeking knowledge, I find that knowledge finds me.

The topic at hand appears everywhere. Why? I don't know. But it just does.

Perhaps this is the way the universe works. Things are meant to work this way.

For the moment I like to refer to it as magick. Not in the stagecraft sense of what we see at a carnival show, but in the sense of the unexplained powers that we have all experienced. The miracles. The moments when we felt something that we may call divine intervention.

There is a power. A faith power. Something subliminal.

But as I am seeking knowledge, knowledge finds me.

Similar things. They appear together. In three's most often. But they come.

I am working to channel it. TO focus this magick. TO find a way to control it for the better.

There is mind over matter. And it seems to be more powerful than anything physical that exists to this point. It just takes some work and some focus.

Dr. William Bengston | Intention & Energy Healing: Data & Results

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mormonism and the Occult Part Three

This post is a little different because I don't want to spend any time trying to point out occult origins of Mormonism, but they are certainly there. Far more than I have described to this point in the previous two posts.

Instead I want to examine what the intent of the religion was in its purest form, before corruption and before claims of exclusivity.

We can easily discount any claims to having the exclusive truth and point out numerous fallacies in the church. There are entire websites dedicated to this. At a future time I will share more of that.

For now, if we can accept that the original aim of the church was to establish an organization that had the intent to help its membership receive enlightenment, then perhaps it began on that quest successfully.

IF it had remained true to it's origins and been clear in the subsequent decades that followed, that the organization is not the exclusive kingdom of God on Earth, but instead it's own form of communication, and a place where those who are involved can explore deeper meaning in life, with some guidance of the more advanced spiritual and mystical people.

There are many freemasonic themes that could be elaborated on, and those concepts are meant to help the initiate pursue enlightenment at the highest levels.

There is even a series of ordinances and practices that are claimed to be able to heal and to cause miracles.

Those ordinances in and of themselves are less important, and they carry no more authority(despite their claims) than other similar practices that you would see in other sects. But when they do work, there is a magick that is observed. How can they explain that?

An atheist might claim that it is simply a case of mind over matter. In a way this is absolutely true, but it is through the ordinance that the believer holds as truth that is the mechanism in which the magick is able to be realized.

Without it, that same person would still be suffering, but with the laying on of hands and application of blessed oil, they often become better off.

The ritual is the path to the magick. But it is not the exclusive path.

It might have been impossible to reach that point in a large setting without claiming exclusive truth because the membership as a whole would not understand the mystical nature of the practice. And with that, it would simply not work.

But when you go back in time to look at the organization in its infancy and see many of these things being discussed, practiced and implemented, it is fascinating to a point.

The problem in my view is that these occult and esoteric parts of the Mormon history have been buried for so long that they now are looked on as distasteful by many.

If they had held true to the original theories and practices, and kept them alive in their sect, there would be a very different church today. Something magical and productive. Something that truly offers enlightenment.

Instead, we are left with a shell of what could have been. Something that is not worth the time to pursue.

Crrow | Conspiracies, Space Lies, & Constructs

Mastering One System First

Mastering one system of mystery may be the key to open others. Eventually all systems share common origins and beliefs.

This is not a totally new concept to me but it has been made clearer in the recent weeks.

There are positives to most belief systems that cannot be denied. Even certain religions that are often demonized in the public eye hold truths that are of value once you look past the surface.

For many, if not most, we have a cultural tie to one religion system or another. On the outset there are some positives, like living honestly and with righteousness intent. Below that there may be negatives associated with the religion because of the dogma that it carries: brainwashing tactics, misuse of monies donated in the form of tithes and even a judgmental climate among the membership.

The damage that is done by organized religion is felt across the planet and it won't stop any time soon. This may be because the real understanding of what spirituality is and what these faith systems promote beneath the surface is not understood by the masses.

For me it is starting to become clearer.  Once I was so disenchanted with the idea of religion that I felt I had no choice but atheism and scientism. Man was in charge of his own outcomes and his own destiny. And maybe there was nothing else beyond this mortal life.

I suppose that way of thinking would not have lasted much longer even if I were not as curious as I am naturally. I know there is always more beneath the surface and I never stopped looking.

I always noticed the many shared ideas and concepts in many religions. That posed questions that were never answered satisfactorily. Why are those ideas so similar? Where did they originate? And does anyone hold the truth in full?

Here is where it becomes important to go back to the system that you are most familiar with, and master it, before dabbling and trying other things: you will have a background and a foundation to stand on to propel you further so that when you do look to study the other systems you will be at an intermediate level as opposed to a beginner.

I am not saying to go back to dogma. And I am not saying to go back to fundamentalism in your belief. And I am not saying to ever discount what another faith system is promotion or to take the viewpoint that it is evil or misguided.

Perhaps the best way to describe it is that each system is a unique language for talking with god.

Each has its own magick and power that can be mastered. Each has its mysteries that can be understood.

So before abandoning one way of looking at things to begin on another brand new path, take a step back to explore the esoteric ideas that you missed the first time.

I don't mean for this to sound at all like a lecture because in reality this is only a lesson for myself to learn, but by sharing it I might help another who is in a similar situation.

There is real magick in the faith as has been manifest in so many examples. Amazing examples that cannot be explained by science or conventional logic. And it is not exclusive to one faith system. It is available to all of us.

For my journey it is coming together now that I have gone back to accepting that there must be more. I cannot accept that there is nothing beyond this world.

For my part, I intend to master one system, while keeping my eyes and heart open to the mysteries all around us.

If religion is only a language for talking with god, then we might better understand what god is and what true religion is. Religion free from dogma.

When a man prays for a thing and the thing comes true, the magick worked. It's not that his faith is more true or correct, it is that he mastered the system that he knows. Another man might meditate and focus on a thing and again that will work. Because he has mastered his own system.

So if you already have a system, search for the esoteric and occult knowledge that exists there.

I believe that it will all come back to a point. There is a universal truth, and the magick is real.

The journey has to begin with a simple, single step. So by beginning with the familiar we can explore the yet unknown.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Vampires in the Media

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of negativity in the world today. But that is perhaps only at first glance. Something else is happening on a deeper level.

In the media we are bombarded with stories of mass shootings, disasters, terrorism and celebrity deaths. Society as a whole is affected by the stories that play out on the news.

Collectively, we are sad when a celebrity passes on. We are frightened or angry when a terrorist commits some atrocity.

Those emotions are palpable when it is felt and expressed by thousands, even millions feel and express these emotions. There is an energy that is created by the mental energy of multitudes of people.

Generally those emotions are negative. Fear, sadness and anger.

Those in control are possibly channeling this energy. With the mental focus of the masses a very real force is created.

I feel that the majority of these events are fabricated.

With the intent to create these very res emotional energies. Often there are clues and signs embedded in the event to allow those who have eyes to see that the event is not real.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Back to the Future Movie Decoded FULL VERSION

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Mormonism and the Occult part two

Continuing with the concept of Mormonism and the Occult, I want to discuss another aspect of the religion that I think is much more harmful than the dogma and everyday stressors it gives to its membership.

The original foundations of the church began with borrowed concepts from a time when esoteric Christianity was more accepted. Freemasonry was much more common. And an admiration for the ancients was prevalent. Especially ancient Egypt.

This is important because it is perhaps in ancient Egypt that many of our modern theologies originate. There was something magical about those eras. Because perhaps they had clues to a truth that we are missing today.

Joseph Smith was aware that there was something important in relation to that idea. He incorporated it into his new formed church. Going so far as to write the Pearl of Great Price. A book of scripture that he claimed he translated from papyrus, and it was a record of Abraham, written by his own hand.

Of course none of that appears to be accurate, however the idea that he would incorporate these concepts into his new religion is fascinating. He had no way to prove or disprove that those papyrus were in fact legitimate, nor did he possess the ability to read or write Egyptian, or any other language.

He must have borrowed these ideas from the associations he had with Freemasonry and the other mystics he encountered throughout his early years.

He was far from the innocent farm boy he has been portrayed as in Mormon culture. I tend to see him as a brilliant, charismatic cult leader who knew enough to motivate the masses. And with the right associations he was able to grow an organization that still exists today.

I propose that he did not have any intention of creating a vanilla version of Christianity when he formed the church. Instead he wanted to create an order like so many other mystical, secret orders, and make it his own.

One thing I found fascinating is that Joseph Smith did not hide his occult origins in the original church.

He was open about using a seer stone to translate ancient scripture, the same stone he used to seek buried treasure before he was tapped by God, or whoever, or whatever.

He wore a talisman which is in and of itself very interesting. Modern Mormonism portrays him as a chosen prophet of God, yet they practically disavow some of the magic he used on a regular basis.

To be continued