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A take on the Isla Vista shooting

So let me preface by saying that if you are reading this, I obviously went ahead and published my thoughts on the matter, but it took some consideration.

And hesitation.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I tend to look deeper into things as they happen, because I learned a while ago that most of what we are fed from schools and media is just not true.

Sometimes its as simple as a truth mixed with some bad facts. Sometimes its complete fabrication. Sometimes its an intentional hoax.

There was a time when I kept my mouth shut about 9-11. Ok, to be fair, I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, but I was careful where I shared it.

It was almost unpatriotic to even consider that the official story was anything but cold hard fact. Even when everything we were seeing was screaming at us that it just wasn’t the case.

Of course today, more than a decade later its almost universally accepted that at a MINIMUM the official story is hiding something, and most people are comfortable entertaining the idea that it is a broader conspiracy.

Same with JFK.

We all know. But nothing changes. But we all know. And its no sweat to call bullshit on official accounts without any fear of retribution.

Even something fairly recent like Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, enough time has passed that we can come out of hiding with what we have seen and what we know to say that maybe...just maybe things didn’t happen the way we were told. And the events following those incidents just don’t add up.

The fear of being ostracized by looking objectively at those things is a wash when it comes to finding out the truth.

Of course, don’t bother with big name media to find your answers. Its not going to happen. They are owned and controlled by corporate powers, and getting the truth out is less on their agenda when compared with ratings and viewers. Thanks to the 1996 telecommunications act. But then where to go.

That leaves the independents. The last free journalists and investigators out there who have no corporate controlling powers looming over head, and a freedom to express ideas for the sake of finding the truth and asking the hard questions.

Its going to be on sources like Youtube, podcasts, and blogs.

Only problem...there is a mountain of BS to wade through to find a solid source. And even when its good material, its too easy for people to dismiss it because of the simple fact that its on the net.

“You can’t believe everything you hear on the internet”. True. Only problem is I can’t believe most of what I hear on cable news either.

That puts a heavy burden on the information consumer.

That is you and me. We shoulder that burden and its up to us. And for a lot of people its too much.

I remember about 7 years ago when I started down the 9-11 truth journey and I would show people what I found. Some would be amazed and outraged like I was. Some would accept it and then let it go, almost submissive to the system. Some would hold fast and deny deny deny. Even when they ran out of answers for the questions I posed…

I can’t blame them.

You go most of your life thinking you live in one America, only to find out there really is TWO.

The Matrix was more than a movie. Its real life. Some people won’t take that damn pill to find out what is really going on. They are happy with the real live theater production that is their life.

And really, what does it hurt?

For me..I needed to know. I couldn’t go back once I saw the beginning of the trail. I had to know. What was really going on. I couldn’t just stay blind to the world and once you take those lenses off, shit gets clear.

Really clear.

But you might lose some friends. Its risky. Its not for everyone.

Unless you know inside yourself that you really want to seek out knowledge and use your mind rather than allow it to be programmed by outside sources.

If you are willing to pay the price to step outside the Matrix and see the dark world. Sure, it might seem depressing. But without that knowledge you can never really change anything.

And I want to change things for the better. Small price to pay on the road to leave this world a better place. Just gotta stay positive. Its doable.

So what’s the point?

A few days ago there was an incident down the road. A shooting.

The Santa Barbara shooting, the Isla Vista shooting..or whatever you want to say. You probably saw it on the news.

You probably saw the weird videos by the shooter Elliot Rodgers.

Maybe you accepted everything reported as a matter of fact. I know most people in this town are on that page. But not everyone.

To me, and I am not ready to make definite claims yet, it just doesn’t add up. It doesn’t look right.

It has that manufactured feel.

That night, I was up. I’m always up. But for a frame of reference, I live within a few hundred yards of the ambulance company station. And a few hundred yards the other way is a 7-11 where most of the cops in town go get their snacks before and during shift. That includes the university cops, and the city cops.

I see them all the time.

And when shit pops off I hear the sirens. Usually its a non incident, because this is a pretty chill town on the beach, but I can still hear it.

And I didn’t hear anything that night.

But chalk that up to anything you want. Maybe I just tuned it out. Whatever.

But I just know that because this is such a sleepy town, any type of “siren flashing” incident brings out every cop for miles. From every department and the CHiPs.

Hell, I once saw a dude try to shoplift and speed away in his car. One lonely unarmed guy and there were helicopters on scene, about 10 cop cars, police dogs and craziness.

In fact, on that note, I want to know if the Santa Barbara Police Department rolled out their SWAT that night. IF not I want to know why. They got a nice little grant from the department of Homeland Security last year that bought them a shiny armored personnel carrier vehicle. It stays parked in the police lot because there is never a reason to use it except for the parades downtown. And by parades, I mean they are IN the parade, not providing security or policing anything.

So any chance to put that expensive waste of metal into action would be on the top of their list.

Ok but so far all I am giving you is conjecture and personal opinion. Take it with a grain of salt.

But I also shop at the same Albertson’s supermarket that ALL of these college kids shop at. I usually dread it on weekends because the lines are crazy with kids buying alcohol and snacks and snapping pics and selfies and texting and holding up the line.

Every one of them has a damn iphone. And they LOVE to snap pictures.


Did you? I didn’t. Not anywhere. Not on local news, not on Facebook. Not on Youtube.

I don’t want to hear any excuses here. Look around, anything that happens anywhere people’s first instinct is to whip out some Steve Jobs’ technology and hit record. And in a college town of 20somethings????

On that same note, FACEBOOK.

Did you do a search for Elliot Rogers on Facebook? What about the victim Chris Martinez they keep talking about? (and its a little strange they ONLY talk about that one victim right? There was supposed to be 6 or 7 depending on what report you read)

Well as of right now, I haven’t seen a legit profile for either one of them.

But maybe they are the two college kids in America without a Facebook profile and its a huge coincidence.

Maybe something else is going on.

Now moving on to Martinez’ father. The only victim’s parent who has come out of hiding and mourning to hit the talk show and news circuit.

This guy doesn’t sit right with me. And if I am wrong them from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry. But I am a parent. And I would be a hellava lot more emotional, and instead of immediately ranting on gun legislation(as he is doing) I would be asking for answers. And when speaking at my childs memorial service I DAMN sure would have got the CORRECT name of the school he was attending. (He did not)

I know, so far all of this is just little pieces of weird shit that seems like maybe minor flaws and we can explain it away. But how does it feel, honestly when you look at these stories. Does it come off as legit? Or inside do you feel like maybe something is not right?

Like on 9-11 when two towers (three actually) fell to dust...Before the news media told me it was from some sort of crazy heat phenomenon that weakened the steel blah blah FIRST instinct was: WAIT, WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!!!! THE WHOLE BUILDING FELL FROM THAT?????

Think probably had that same didn’t add up, but after we were continuously hammered with an official account of why..we submitted and accepted. We stopped believing our lying eyes.

And if you take a step back and let emotion out of the equation and just ask yourself..does this look normal?

Ok, people getting killed is NOT normal. But I mean normal in the sense that if it IS how they described, does everything fit?

I don’t know what to make of the Elliot Rodgers’ Youtube videos yet. They are weird and freaky for sure. It seems like he is acting a little. Like the whole thing about women, and wanting offense to anyone but young people don’t talk like him in this town. The words he used, and the sentence structure.

Some people have gone so far as to say he is gay, so what is all this about women. I don’t know that I want to take that stance, I just don’t know. But I have a hard time accepting his rants as legitimate.

Again, that’s not any kind of proof, just my personal take on how people in Santa Barbara, and Isla Vista talk..being a native of this town myself..its just fucking weird.

Weirder still is the fact that a decent looking kid who drives a BMW and has money can’t get a hook up for the night in IV. Just hit that place up on a weekend and see what I mean. If he wasn’t getting laid he wasn’t even trying.

Or he was just a huge asshole that repels other humans by his demeanor. But still..just weird based on what I know about that community.

Or that he was able to kill three people with a knife before he went on his drive by rampage. That little guy, and there wasn’t just oceans of blood everywhere from that little experiment.

Ok, before I go any further...I want to be clear. I believe that people were hurt and died. I’m just questioning the account. To me it feels like there is more there we aren’t being told.

I’m not the only one.

Exene Cervenka is best known as the singer of ‘80s L.A. punk band X, whose albums “Wild Gift” and “Under the Big Black Sun” earned them a place in the punk canon. More recently, though, Cervenka has been moonlighting as a self-styled conspiracy theorist, offering her dubious ruminations on YouTube and Twitter under the pseudonym Christine Notmyrealname.
Her conspiracy-theorist leanings went largely unrecognized until this week, when she tweeted from her personal accountthat the Santa Barbara shootings were “a hoax.” Cervenka linked to YouTube videos with titles like “Santa Barbara Shooting Staged for Gun Control,” supposedly offering evidence that Elliot Rodger’s Saturday rampage that left seven people dead and more injured was “false flag,” an attack orchestrated by the United States, but blamed on another party in order to push a political goal. Most of the tweets have since been deleted, though Spin has an archive online.
Cervenka later tweeted that she would “shut up” about conspiracy theories and posted a quasi-apology for her statements on Facebook.

Another article that I won’t quote because it has some phraseology I choose not to endorse, but none the less, lays out a pretty interesting case with photos of the day. Most notably is the lack of adequate amounts of blood.
On the site “Before its news” there is a series of videos and references laying out some of the inconsistencies in the story. You can check all that out here:

On the site called Humans Be Free it was pointed out that while the shooting rampage captivated the news scene, it played a convenient distraction to pull attention away from the March against Monsanto. My views? That happens alot. Important issues are lost to the media news cycle when sensationalism happens. Coincidence?

I went to a forum to get some fresh opinion on the matter. And strangely enough the thread was taken down. I got a dead link message.

Here is another good eval on the vlogs of the alleged shooter.

Here is another thing that I am not seeing discussed. The police show that he had 3 semi auto pistols used in the shooting. Now at the high count reported there were 7 dead. Subtract the 3 that he is said to have stabbed to death, that leaves 4 killed by gunshot.

Again, going back to the community that this took place in. IV on a Friday night..3 semi auto pistols…

The body count SHOULD be like 20 or 30. Unless something is not being said. Like shooters NOT TRYING to hit people or something else funky going on.

And if you watched any of the videos or checked out some other articles you probably saw that more than one eye witness is saying that they saw more than one shooter.

That tells me that this COULD have been orchestrated by more than just a loony kid. A “rampage” that was relatively tame when you consider what SHOULD have happened given the circumstances. Body count should be higher. I’m glad its not. But its not adding up.

So all this said, I just don’t know. It looks fishy. I’m skeptical. And I would like to know what’s really going on.

And to quote (or at least try to quote accurately) one of the best free thinking podcast hosts out there, Greg Carlwood from The Higherside Chats, if something is being plastered on every news channel, chances are its not a real story. Something is being fed to the media.

Don’t believe it? Turn on your tv. Are they saying the same thing on every channel? Not just the same story, but chances are, you will hear the same phrases over and over.

Weirdness. Tragic. I hope we can get some answers. 

Joseph Smith and the Greek Psalter


The Greek Psalter Incident

Professor Henry Caswall, a professor, reverand and skeptic of Joseph Smith, visited Nauvoo on April 18 & 19, 1842. Caswell claims to have given Joseph Smith a very old Greek Psalter to examine and asked him what it was. (A Psalter is a volume containing the Book of Psalms and which often contains other devotional material. In the early Middle Ages Psalters were amongst the most popular types of manuscripts, rivaled only by the Gospel Books.) Caswell knew that Joseph was involved with translating other ancient documents, such as the Book of Mormon from Reformed Egyptian and the Book of Abraham from Egyptian papyri, therefore Caswall most likely wanted to see if he could trick Joseph with his ancient Greek manuscript. Professor Caswell reported that Joseph examined the ancient document and replied that it was a Dictionary of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. Caswall knew Joseph was wrong as this was a known Greek Psalter and definitely not Egyptian. Caswall says that he told this incident to Mormon apostle Dr. William Richards who said "Sometimes Mr. Smith speaks as mere man. If he gave a wrong opinion respecting the book, he spoke as a mere man." 

Overview of LDS position

From the Encyclopedia of Mormonism:
"Called the "Anti-Mormon Extraordinaire," the Reverend Henry Caswall published The City of the Mormons, or Three Days at Nauvoo. He claimed that he gave Joseph Smith a copy of a Greek manuscript of the Psalms and that Smith identified it as a dictionary of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Caswall invented dialogue between himself and Smith to portray Joseph Smith as ignorant, uncouth, and deceptive."
Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 1-4 vols., edited by Daniel H. Ludlow (New York: Macmillan, 1992), p.47. Cited in BYU Studies' LDS FAQ under "Anti-Mormon Publications,"
John A. Widtsoe, while a member of the Quorum of the 12, wrote the following about Henry Caswall: 
He told about the sport he had in fooling Joseph Smith and the people whom he met into believing that a Greek psalter he had with him was a new find, perhaps a lost scripture for the Prophet to decipher. He attributed to the Prophet the appearance of a knave and a clown, using exceedingly coarse language.
In reporting his talk with Joseph Smith, he forgot that the Prophet and many other Church members had studied, Greek, Hebrew, and other languages, sufficiently to recognize Greek script. Such mistakes are often made by those who fail to tell the truth. Caswall's bitter opposition to Mormonism was revealed in the book he wrote a year later.
John A. Widtsoe, Joseph Smith--Seeker after Truth, Prophet of God , p.97

Overview of Critics' position

What is at issue is Joseph Smith's ability as a translator, one of his roles or duties as claimed in D&C 124:125 "I give unto you my servant Joseph to be a presiding elder over all my church, to be a translator, a revelator, a seer, and prophet." It is asserted today that Joseph could translate with the use of a Urim and Thummim, a peepstone (or seerstone) and through direct revelatory means; he could do so unaided by physical media (such as plates or papyri). If Joseph was indeed a "translator," as God says he was, one would think he would also be an "identifier" as well—in other words, if he could translate ancient records, he should at the very least be able to identify the language of ancient records presented to him. There is an acknowledged problem regarding the translation of the Book of Abraham and associated papyri, and in his attempt regarding the Kinderhook Plates. The Greek Psalter incident may be another.

Rosetta at Comet: First Images & Science Results

Landing on a Comet - The Rosetta Mission

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Is ISIS "made in the USA"?

An exerpt from GlobalResearch.CA (original article through link)
When a fire is raging, firefighters are called – not the arsonist who started it, especially if they return to the scene of the crime dragging a barrel of gasoline behind them. Yet, this is precisely what the US proposes – that they – the geopolitical arsonists – be allowed to return to Iraq to extinguish the threat of heavily armed sectarian militants streaming from NATO territory in Turkey and edging ever closer to Baghdad.
ISIS: Made in USA
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a creation of the United States and its Persian Gulf allies, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and recently added to the list, Kuwait. The Daily Beast in an article titled, “America’s Allies Are Funding ISIS,” states:
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), now threatening Baghdad, was funded for years by wealthy donors in Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, three U.S. allies that have dual agendas in the war on terror.

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Daniel Hopsicker and Michael C. Ruppert

It has all the makings of a major box office thriller: Texas Governor and Republican Presidential contender George W. Bush and his brother Jeb, allegedly caught on videotape in 1985 picking up kilos of cocaine at a Florida airport in a DEA sting set up by Barry SealÉ

An ensuing murderous cover-up featuring Seal's public assassination less than a year later by a hit teamÉthe members of which, when caught, reveal to their attorneys during trial that their actions were being directed by then, National Security Council (NSC) staffer - Lt. Colonel Oliver NorthÉ

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

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by Tim Swartz
Atlantis Rising 61 (Jan-Feb 2007)
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Elliot Rodger & The Santa Barbara Massacre HOAX EXPOSED!

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