Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ritual Magic is Real, Don't Let Them Tell You It's Make Believe

When I was younger, the world was magical.

My imagination was so vivid, and I see it in the eyes of children today. The world is not bland and mundane to a child. It is magical. Their make believe adventures are as real as anything through their eyes.

I grew up and dreams were shattered, reality set it. Bills, jobs, life.

Magical thinking carried a derogatory feeling, and was discouraged.

I learned over time that my religion had lied to me. I learned that my government had lied to me.

My feelings of patriotism and my faith in God were strained, almost broken because of it.

The world became a dark hopeless place. The magic was gone.

And then it wasn't.

I have come to understand that the magic has never left. In fact it is more real now than ever.

Just like Neo took the red pill to awaken to the true world, it was a similar journey for me. My first emotions when I encountered the real world left me feeling dark and empty, but that was before I began to learn that the knowledge I gained gave me true power.

The world is not the make believe simulation that the matrix of life was when I was a child, but now that I see it for what it is, I have a better understanding of the magic that exists.

I believe the world is alive, and it has a spirit. Everything has. There is life and energy all around us. There are no coincidences because it is the energy of the universe that brings things together to create outcomes. But once we take that metaphorical red pill we can learn to control those outcomes again.

That is the magic I speak of. The real magic of this world.

As you can see, I have stopped using the "magick" spelling of the word because I intend to take this term back from Alestair Crowely. He added the "k" to the word magic in order to distinguish ritual ceremonial magic from stage magic. But I do not follow Crowley, and I have my reasons for this.

I do not want to take away the accomplishments he made in magic, or his understanding of the universes power. He was definitely tapped in to something powerful. And his influence is still seen today in everything around us. Pop culture, government, and even in children's TV shows.

But the man was twisted. Perhaps the practice and the influence that it had on him ended up perverting his soul. Maybe he was a victim of powers he could not control. But in the end, he chose a darker path than I am taking. The Force in Star Wars in real. The parallel to what is in this world is spot on. The energy that penetrates us and binds us is real. The dark side is easier. It is powerful. But ultimately the light side, the side of the Jedi is the more powerful path. It is a difficult journey, because it requires us to master the self. To become, I AM. It is the Christ consciousness, and the true Buddha. It is the perfect soul, and the final incarnation. It is achievable. If not in this life, it will be in the next. We are destined to repeat, and correct our mistakes. We can become what we want to become. And this is my goal.

Magic is real.

You see it everywhere, and even in motivational speaker's presentations in rooms full of people who are paying for seminars to learn the secrets of success.

Positive thinking! Make a dream board! Focus on making money! And so on. You see that energy. You see the message. But often this is a misunderstood magic, and the presenters are so skilled in the spell casting of language that they use this method to make themselves rich, by captivating their audience and selling them on an idea. The spell is real. Language has power.

And for those who do use methods such as in the book . The Secret. are using magic to effect an outcome. It is as simple as a form of sigil magic. Focusing the mind, creating a dream board to have a physical sigil to influence the subconscious. And finally putting in the work to create a dream come true.

We can chalk it up to hard work pays off. But there is more there. But often the practitioners of strategies like this do not even realize the magic is happening. But it is.

Motion creates motion. When we put in the work we attract more energy. We begin to have multiple "lucky breaks" and success follows. I'm here to tell you that there is no lucky break. We have created that outcome because the universe does not work on coincidence. It works on the "law of attraction".

This magic is rarely truly understood but it is as real as anything around us. The table I am sitting at, the keyboard I am typing on.

The christian man who prays to God for help and receives it. He does not always understand what magic took place but his faith was real. His mind, his body and his heart were focused on an outcome. His system of magic is in the form of religion, although he does not understand the esoteric nature of the faith he practises, he has true faith. The power of the universe speaks back. His prayers are answered.

Isn't this magic? Isn't that creating an outcome by power of will?

So then shouldn't there be a way to tap into the force and control these outcomes with precision?

Yes. There is your answer.

It will not always work the first time. It takes practice. It takes effort. Just like Luke did not become a true Jedi right away, he first needed to defeat his inner demons as well as his physical ones. Although he had some control over the Force, and he was able to use these powers early on, it took time, effort, struggle and experience to become the true master.

Such is life. Such is magic.

My first step is to admit to myself and address myself as a magician. I am a magician.

I won't call myself a master, because admittedly I am still in a phase that might be considered an advanced apprentice. I understand what it is I am doing, but i have not mastered everything, but I am far from an ignorant being. I am self aware. But I have a long way to go to overcome my own weaknesses and character flaws.

My background in religion was once a hindrance to my personal progress. So steeped in dogma, I couldn't see the forest for the trees. But through that crucible I am now on a new path where I can look back to my religious education as a stepping stool.

I take the exoteric nature of religion and use it as a stepping stool to reach into the esoteric nature of truth.

Bland concepts of mainstream religion are more than they appear to a person with eyes to see. But the fact of the matter is that most are not ready for it. They will continue to believe in biblical literalism, and simple stories, rather than look beyond what is being said to what is truly meant.

Jesus performed miracles. Is this not overtly magical?? Is it not the ability to control universal powers to conform to our own desires?

His example is one of a true Jedi master, as he was focused on the good. Dark sorcery is also real, but the path won't lead to enlightenment. It will lead to madness.

What ritual magic can you practice?

Jump on google if you want, find some practises and give them a whirl. There are ways that are effective. And you can start with those. But once you break through that initial effort and become more than a novice, consider creating your own rituals.

I say this because when you personalize it, the ritual becomes your own. It is your own power that you are attempting to master. Why shouldnt' your rituals be your own as well.

And don't be scared of rituals. If you start your day with a cup of coffee is this not a ritual? Look at it from that perspective. Treat it as magical, and see the power of it increase.

That ritual of a magical awakening from the dream world to fully aware and your mind sharp, after a warm soothing drink of coffee is magical. Treat it as such. Take advantage of this time to ponder, write down the ideas that come to you. That period in the morning is magic. The world is there to speak to you if you let it in.

Of course that is just one example.  And it is just a simple one. There are more specific spells and incantations you can perform to really exact results. If you understand that the universe is magical, and magic is going to happen to you regardless, look into your self and find determination to become an active participant in the magic, so that you are not a bystander, but instead a magician.

Become the force for good. Bring about positive change. In your own life and in the life of those around you.

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