Monday, February 20, 2017

We all can become Jedi

I believe the ability to become a true Jedi is more than just a Hollywood theme. The Star Wars franchise is so heavily laden with occult esoteric themes that someone like me can easily become fascinated by it.

Hollywood , the holly-wood, is more than a place. It's a brand and a way of magic. The spell casting practice of entrapping audiences with a story on screen to transport them away from their reality for a while.

There is a magic that happens there.

The theme of the Jedi parallels most of what I am encountering in my own journey with magic.

There is a force. We don't have to call it that. But there is an energy that flows through us all and around us. It is. And it has always been.

Recap: the Jedi is a person who studies and practices, and works to better himself and to better the universe around him. He is a master of the force who can use that energy at his will.

The sith is a dark version of the Jedi. He can too use the force to his own will, but his actions are selfish, and often evil. The power is strong, it is faster and easier to attain. But in the end, the sith never come out on top.

The magic that is in our world is going to be there whether we become an active participant or not. Magic can happen to us, or we can create the results we need and want.

The light side of this energy is harder to attain. As opposed to ignorantly tapping into the demonic or spiritual energy that is all around us, the path to the light side is long. And we must become masters of ourselves. Our intentions must be pure. We need to be self aware.

Much like the Buddha, or the Christ. The power we can practice by achieving enlightenment will be more powerful, for it will be a righteous power.

The journey is different for everyone, but for my part, I will say that the Light side is the correct choice. We will be at peace. We will uplift humanity.

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