Monday, January 30, 2017

Flat Earth Brought God Back

If you have been in the conspiracy theory community for any amount of time, you have come across the resurgence of the flat earth theory.

In the last two years there has been a palpable energy in this realm, and for me it's a little surprising how much steam this movement has. I remember first hearing the case for the flat earth on the THC podcast a couple years ago. And from that moment I noticed it popping up all over. YouTube searches for the flat earth are ranking high, and mainstream shows are taking notice.

I remain earth shape agnostic to this day, but I embrace the power behind the flat earth theory because it is questioning the establishment, especially NASA. We are smart enough to know that we have been lied to. We just may not have all the answers yet.

No matter what the case ends up to be in reality, there is one thing I am certain of.

The flat earth brought God back.

When you believe NASA, you believe that the world was created almost by accident. You believe that the world is nothing more than one more rock spinning through infinite space. You believe that the only reason we are here now is because we managed to survive and evolve in a Darwinian fashion.

But once you take on the idea that the establishment has lied to us, and that the world is not what we have been led to believe, a new energy takes hold.

If the earth truly is flat, and our world is nothing more than an enclosed system, then we then realize that there must have been a creating force. Maybe there was one creator. Maybe there was a group. But some power somewhere built this thing and made it so specific that it is what it is.

A flat plane, so cleverly crafted that we have a firmament above to keep us in, and a barrier around us to keep us from leaving the plane. We are in an enclosed world.

It may not be a flat earth. It may be something even more involved. Something like a matrix like simulation. But the concept of a creator still holds true.

If we are not on a rock hurling through an infinite space, then we are in a created universe that was made specifically for us. Someone built this thing with intent.

The first leap so many conspiracy theory buffs take is to lean toward atheism in the early days of exploring and researching these ideas. But it all comes full circle when you realize you are living in a created habitat.

Something had a plan.

That something we can call God.

What is the nature of God?

I don't know. I don't know if it is a being, or an energy, or a conglomerate. I just don't know.

But it is reassuring to feel that in truth we are not alone. We are part of something.

For me it has led to a path of studying the esoteric and the magic that exists in the world.

It is there. It always has been. Modern society made it seem like something in fantasy and science fiction. But it is there. We can all tap into it. The force is real.

We are higher beings, having a temporal human experience. If we can tap into that higher self and learn to control it, with pure intentions, we can become powerful. We can achieve the Christ consciousness.

I love the energy in the world today, because people are waking up. Many are not ready for these higher concepts. They will be in time. For now, it might be easier for them to start with simplistic ideas , like 9-11, or Sandy Hook. Maybe even the moon landing hoax. Or the laundry list of simple conspiracy theories out there. But those are like mental exercise. The more they research, the stronger their mental muscle becomes.

They can begin to see that there are many things that were not true. And even something like 9-11 is a much deeper conspiracy than most realize.

Bush brought down the towers? Sure, but what if they began to realize the towers were representative of a ritual. The towers and the date for them to be destroyed was planned long before Bush. And there is occult meaning behind many of the things that have occurred right before their eyes.

There is real power in the world. There is real magick. And those who are in power of this world try to make the population think that it's all fantasy and ridiculous. Meanwhile they themselves are trying to master it.

We as a people need to take that control back and use it for positive things.

We need to achieve higher consciousness.

The more the flat earth theory grows, the more people will rediscover God.

I think the power shift is coming back to the people. Soon.

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