Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Finding Hope In A Corrupt World

I notice that a lot of people get caught up in the political divide and feel the need to be part of one team or another. Right wing or left wing. Good or bad. Whatever it is. People gravitate to groups that make them feel accepted.

It's natural and it's not bad thing in many cases.

However in the case of politics, it is not a healthy environment. The current political mode is created to divide us. The powers behind it all have manufactured the anger and fear so that they can manipulate the population.

One must step outside the paradigm to realize this and to find peace.

If you were one of those who felt the world was coming to an end when Trump won the election, or even if you were a Trump supporter, and instead you felt like this is now the time when we can expect true change, then you have mentally given the office of president too much power.

The system in place is just a show. It's a magic trick. They use illusions and manipulations to cause reactions. And that show is in full force.

The only way to keep our energy on an even keel is to realize that the show is taking place. Like the stage magician, his show would carry no value if the audience knew how the trick worked. The political stage is no different.

I know that when you first wake up to the conspiracies happening around the world, at first it can be depressing. It can ve scary to realize. That is a natural emotion. You just can't stop there.

I have felt all those emotions too. I was angry and sad for a long time at what I saw happening .

But there is hope. We as. Group must maintain hope to keep it going. Ignorance is bliss, but none of us would really want to go back once we have gone down the rabbit hole. It is now just a matter of learning to control outcomes.

For me it is learning to use that same magic to control the outcomes in my own life. The faith and power of my own self and my own higher consciousness is my way out.

The fear mongering in the media has no power over me. I am in control. I practice the magic of truth. I encourage all to do the same

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