Monday, March 13, 2017

It all goes back to Ancient Egypt

Jesus wasn't the creator of Christianity.

This seems counter intuitive to most Christians. He was the beginning as far as they know. He came to fulfill the law. He created a new way, brought together disciples and created a religion.

Only I don't believe that.

I am not one to say that he did not exist, as people have claimed. One of the major arguments is that there are many other characters in mythologies around the world that have some parallels to the Jesus story.

But they are in actuality not as close as they might seem. Hold that thought for later.

Now I want to look at the ancient mystery schools of Egypt. Mystery school is a term not applicable to a "whodunnit" type of mystery, but instead I use the term mystery as a type of truth, a type of teaching, so esoteric, that it becomes an occult teaching. An occult practice.

These schools taught the truth. There were reasons for keeping things semi secret. The world is not ready, even today, to handle all the truth.

We have jobs, bills, responsibilities. We have pressing problems that must be attended to. We don't have time to become like Monks and step away from life's responsibilities to focus on bettering ourselves.

So learning the mysteries is a challenge, even today. Even in ancient times.

But there are untold number of secrets still stemming from the ancient culture that inhabited that area.

I believe they were so advanced that not only did they master physical engineering, but they had perhaps a level of metaphysical control that they used to create amazing structures like the pyramids.

Beyond engineering marvels and the monoliths of the ancients, there is an impressive mythology that still is being explored today.

Did they walk and talk with the gods? Who were these people? What did they know?

That is part of the journey, to explore these ideas and find out for yourself. But let me point you on the correct path.

Jesus spent time as a youth in Egypt. No doubt he was exposed to these truths. He was a student, and then a master of the mysteries.

He came back to his people, not to establish Christianity, but to bring back the Christ Consciousness. He was there to bring the occult back. And to take back the religion from the corrupted church. And to go contrary to the political powers that had turned the teachings of truth into a religion that no longer had the the proper truth.

The esoteric teachings he brought back are in the bible. Of course so much of it is still esoteric, because of the way in which the bible is written. It takes an occult eye to see the truth. But its there.

So for those reasons I say that Jesus did not make Christianity. Jesus was working to bring back the occult truths that had been lost. Jesus was a revolutionary.

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