Thursday, February 2, 2017



1. According to the most reputable occult sources there existed in the past a natural and good place for materialism. This was during the development of modern industry which would give rise to what we know as the Modern World. Simply put, the human beings involved were not intelligent enough to deal in both the spirit and matter at the same time. This was necessary to the evolution of human consciousness. 

2. According to these same occult sources the materialism currently present has no place in the further evolution of the human race. It has been placed there deliberately by certain other occult societies who wish to keep esoteric wisdom unknown in general. These same people want things like the reading of books to be a skill possessed only by the few. They would have the people posses language enough to read electronic devices, but at the same time lack the critical thinking skills necessary to self teach through literature. 

3. Soon there will be an Occult Renaissance in the United States. This movement will be lead by those who are aware of this 'false materialism' and provide specific countermeasures to it. 

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